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Simple Assist

Due to the increasingly individualised nature of products and the growing complexity of tasks, companies are faced with the challenge of designing employment conditions adequately and economically. With digital support, employees can perform even complex and varied tasks in a self-determined and efficient way. The combined expertise of Sensrec and Rocholz has produced a user-friendly system with low-barrier-access that supports employees with simple visual instructions:

SimpleAssist is a plug & produce system with an electrically adjustable packing table, a projector and two operating buttons. The projector displays the work steps from above directly onto the work surface and thus guides users in their tasks.

  • stand-alone assistance system with no interface to other systems
  • can be set up, operated and run without any IT knowledge
  • work instructions easily created with MS PowerPoint®
  • ergonomic, self-determined work with digital guidance
  • self-explanatory system, no training necessary
  • elimination of errors


AssisTable is a digital work catalogue that assists users in picking and packing processes. Work steps are impacted by different factors; therefore, there are certain specifications as to how the item should be packed or processed and which documents should be added, depending on the supplier, destination country and/or certain item properties. The individual steps are shown in short form (if necessary, in more detail) and with images. At the same time an integrated quality report records the factually performed activities and quantities. In this way, data is generated that can be used, for instance, for a billing model or for forward-looking capacity planning. The user-friendly interface ensures that the system can be used and work catalogues can be generated or updated after a short period of familiarisation and without broad IT-knowledge. Depending on requirements and intended purpose, the system can naturally be adapted individually.

  • Simple implementation of complex value-added services
  • Self-determined work in spite of product individualisation and large variety
  • Server-based system that can be operated location-independently
  • Automatic generation of economic indicators via digitalisation


InspecTable allows you to identify deviations and errors at an early stage – before the goods arrive with the customer. The image-based system compares the given situation with the pre-fed target situation and can analyse individual articles and their layers or positions as well as the entire picture. Machine Learning not only enables distinguishing between correct and false, but, depending on the intended application, also viewing percentage detection data and feeding individual groups into the system. The system is characterised by the ability to adapt flexibly to different working conditions and requirements; furthermore, there is no need for broad IT-knowledge as the set-up is so simple.

  • Zero-fault due to optical monitoring
  • Flexible system that is simply trained for the application
  • Representation of different conditions and indicators for hit probability
  • Self-learning system that develops continuously with each task


DocumenTable enables you to take photos for documentation right at your logistics table in your dispatch or incoming goods department. The first step is to scan the delivery note number with the integrated scanner; this activates the system. As soon as the packet (or one layer in the packet) is readily packed, you can trigger the camera by operating the push button. The images are automatically named with the delivery note number and a date and time stamp (exact to the second); this assigns them clearly and uniquely. The generated data is saved to the integrated storage (standard: 25 GB) and can be retrieved over the corresponding network. An integrated and clearly visible LED strip shows the system status at any given time. Other distinct indicators for scanning, such as order number, packet number or customer number, can also be used as identifiers for images. The corresponding shelf for SYSTEM FLEX is fully equipped, readily installed and merely needs to be connected to your power supply and IT-network. Depending on the application situation, the system can be operated over a (wireless) scanner instead of over the push button.

  • Integrated photo documentation of parcel contents
  • Distinct classification of stored data
  • Transmission via LAN into your own server structure, connection to your own ERP system possible
  • All-on-one solution without follow-up costs