We are winners!

As in 2019 before, we have won the Innovation Award for Ergonomics ! This award, and therefore this honour, goes to companies "whose claim to healthy working and ergonomics is reflected both as a lived culture in the company and in the development of their products and services." (IGR e.V)

For us as workplace professionals, healthy working means that the workplace adapts to the person (and not vice versa). That's why ergonomic considerations flow through all our workplace systems and accessories. We use various ergonomic aids in our company to make work as healthy as possible for our employees: crane systems, lift trucks, pneumatically operated assembly tables and more. We have also introduced many measures to promote good health, such as the regular fruit basket or the "desk bike". Of course, we also use our own ergonomic workplace systems + accessories everywhere. We would like our customers to benefit from the same advantages as we do. Ergonomics is our expertise - and we want to pass it on.

We are very pleased that our many years of effort, dedication and product developments in the field of ergonomics have once again been rewarded and honoured with this recognition! The award ceremony took place at this year's FachPack in Nuremberg, Germany, and the prize occupies its place of honour in our company, next to its big brother from 2019!

Author: Elisa Ermer
Stellvertretende Vertriebsleiterin
Expertin für den Bereich Logistik-Arbeitsplätze und Tischgestelle
Spezialisiert auf Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz und Assistenzsysteme